A message from the Chancellor of Eqbal Lahori on the Occasion of the Establishment of Innovation Center

Wednesday 15 January 2020
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Dear colleagues and students

Praise is due to Almighty God that another fundamental program (the establishment of the Eqbal Lahori Innovation Center) has come into achievement. Among the features of this center is the attraction of young and talented specialists in various fields of science and technology, which creates new and high-quality ideas by sharing individual and group capabilities, and, as a result, promoting Knowledge-based economy.

Among the most important objectives and the necessity of establishing this center are the following:

  • To pave the way for commercialization of research achievements and  creation of suitable job opportunities to attract entrepreneurs, students, and graduate students in technology fields,
  • To make entrepreneurship, support students' innovation and creativity and create the space necessary for the development and growth of small and medium-sized knowledge-based and technology-enabled units in technology fields,
  • To produce and develop technology products and processes disposable in the provincial, Iranian and international markets and contribute to the country's economic prosperity and boom based on technology.

I hope that this measurement, which is a step forward in the realization of the "Eqbal is with you and yours" aspiration, will make our institution play more and more significant part in the development of our country.

 I would like to avail myself of this good opportunity to thank you, all dear colleagues, who have helped this institution for the realization of this importance.

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